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Thank you to everyone who attended the club training day and awards pot luck. We had great weather and everyone seemed to enjoy some racing and gtg training as well as the hot dogs and hamburgers.
Congratulations to all of our club members who won a Year End High Point Award! You all worked hard and so did your dogs!! Be sure to keep your membership current so all of your points will count toward next year.
Congratulations is also in order for the winner of the second annual Ken Baker Humanitarian Award, Martha Milligan!!

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Congratulations to the following 2015 Autumn Fest I & II winners. Due to all the rain, we don't have any photos to go along with these wins but everyone still deserves the recognition of their hard work.

Autumn Fest I
Best Open Terrier: Allstar Finnegan owned by Ursula Schwalbe
Reserve Best Open Terrier: Allstar Reflexion owned by Ursula Schwalbe
Best Working Terrier: Hart Farms Brag owned by Janon Frei
Reserve Best Working Terrier: Wolf Paw Cool Liam owned by Connie Jones & Daphne Duval

Autumn Fest II
Best Open Terrier: Insequire Scandal owned by Janon Frei & Jill Scharftein
Reserve Best Open Terrier: Allstar Finnegan owned by Ursula Schwalbe

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