Ken Baker Humanitarian Awards

  Ken Baker loved the Jack Russell Terrier and the folks that loved them.  He loved to show and work his terriers. You could always locate Ken at the trials by his trademark hat and beard.  Ken helped his fellow JRT fans in countless ways from training our dogs, offering advice or judging racing as well as trailing and locating venues. He hosted the Colonial Cup terrier races each November at the Springdale Race Course in Camden, SC. He was always there to help set up at all of the club events. Ken would graciously welcome the “newbies” and loved to school the inexperienced dogs and their handlers. Ken was one of the founding members of the Carolinas Jack Russell Terrier Club and served as treasurer from inception until his untimely passing in 2013.

  Ken’s Hideaway Farm dogs were wonderful performance dogs, winning countless ribbons and championships. Ken always displayed true sportsmanship and patience, calming us if we felt our dog had received a bad racing call or GTG time. Ken made friends wherever he went. From Maryland to Indiana to Florida, people knew him as, “the man in the hat with the beard”.  Ken served selflessly to make the CJRTC a better club while always helping others.  He did these things for his club and fellow members while displaying respect, kindness, guidance, patience and integrity.  The recipient should value the traits and actions of our beloved, Ken Baker.

Each year the Carolinas Jack Russell Terrier Club will present this award to a club member who best represents what Ken meant to the club and the breed. This person will be nominated by the general membership and the final vote will be from the standing Board of Directors. Listed below are the Criteria for nominations. You can click the link to print a nomination form, fill it out and return it to the address on the form by September 30th.

Criteria for nomination:

A CJRTC member, in good standing, which:

  • fosters friendship, kindness, and consideration for others and their terriers
  • encourages and displays good sportsmanship
  • promotes a philosophy and attitude which centers on the values, potentials and interest of others
  • renders and promotes consistent, faithful and constructive, service to the club
  • enhances the experience of others at club events
  • has gone the extra mile to introduce and promote CJRTC, JRTCA and a love for the Jack Russell Terrier

Few nominees will achieve or display all these criteria as well as Ken but should embody them to some degree.  Ken has set a high standard for all of us.  Let’s respect him in our nominations.


2018 Recipient
Bud Moomau

2017 Recipient
Marina Sauer

2016 Recipient
Heather Davis

2015 Recipient
Martha Milligan

2014 Recipient
Randy Hastings

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